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Welcome to Midgett’s Lesbian reading room.

Note: My heterosexual women viewers, I do know some of these following issues can also apply to you. Parenting, grandparenting, aging, friends, and relationships so come aboard, you are truly welcome!

Relax and meet me first. I am a Leo, and extrovert. Life is short to be a grouch. My full name is Mary Aleatha Midgett. Mary was a virgin, I am not. Birth August 4, 1936, Boston, I am not a therapist, psychiatrist of psychologist. I am one person to another sharing and caring about the human condition. The following content will be for the open readers. Erotic lesbian stories, funny readings, Others about friendships, relationships, aging, sensuality, sexual and parenting. Inspirational pieces. Also Suggested readings. There will be a Midgett’s advice column called Midgets Corner. Personal are welcome. No guarantee your future wife will read it. Yet I do wish you luck. 😊This is a lesbian reading room for your fun viewing. Are you a closet writer. Feel free to send in your work. I will put it in the reading room if it’s not over 60 words. 😊

The content will be available for your reading with your subscription and my response if that is your need. Hot topics, inspirational pieces, life challenging questions, lesbian erotic stories, foods/recipes, parenting and grandparenting, some newspapers articles about lesbian that you don’t have time to read from gay and lesbian papers, and so much information from your thoughts to share. I can’t wait to meet you. I love writing and reading so let’s get this show on the road.

Content: For starters, subscribe girlfriend and these questions will be viewed for your eyeballs 😊

Aging: How to stay youthful. Do you think you are too old to date?

Friendships: When friendships shift.

Relationships: Is you’re an intimate one? Do I love to be loved?

Sensuality: Hugging is more erotic then fucking, what do you think?

Sexuality: Can we do the missionary position, yes, we can.

Parenting: Are you a lesbian parent, co parent or a wanna be?

Interesting reading and some spice to your life: Sex & Love, by Rachel Zar. L.M.R.R., cst.

THE POWER OF FANTASY. Why daydreaming about sex is normal and healthy. more reading to come

Excerpts from lesbian erotic writers.

Brown on Brown Black Lesbian Erotic

Brown on Brown

By Midgett

“You want to fuck me now?” Yes, she responded, I want you now, this moment, this second. Looking back over yesterday I realize my lover was hungry for pussy as she held me in her arms in my classroom while I was at work. She looked at me with lust, passion and love. We had been fucking for hours the previous night………

A Matter of Fact by Rocky Gamez. Taken from A Riding Desire edited by Tee Corinne. An Anthology of Erotic Writing.

“Well Gloria, how did it go last night? Pinny asked as we were riding to Padre Island. Gloria chuckled in the driver’s seat and made noises with her wet lips as though she were savoring something very delicious. “I gave her eighteen orgasms,” she said smacking her lips, and then began bouncing up and down on the seat, sing: Sha-la-la-la-la-la……….”

Others writings  from Hot & Bothered, Short Short  Fiction on Lesbian Desire. Edited by Karen X Tulchinsky

Anglo Girl By Fiona Lawry.

I notice the pretty Anglo girl on the peak hour train. ………I follow the line of her neck downward to the undulation of her breast contained beneath her corporate jacket……


People living deeply have no fear of death.

Anais Nin

Control your thoughts or they will control you.

Pursue the dream you have kept locked up inside. Fear is manmade.

Affirmation, I love me.

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